Advocacy isn't Popularity.

We like to talk about what advocacy is - how it's a verb that we live, actively, everyday, for our clients and for ourselves. We rarely talk about what advocacy is NOT.

There are occasions while walking this road that we come across road blocks and mountains that need to be moved. We push and pull. We persist. We find another path or break trail and start again. Mostly, it’s break trail. On average, we hear 20 times per week “nobody has ever asked us to do that before.” We love that phrase. You know what that says? It says that nobody has ever cared to ask them to do it before.

There is one thing we know for sure about advocacy. Advocacy is not a popularity contest. Not on any day of the week or in any month of any year. If we are winning the popularity contest, we likely aren’t fulfilling our mission. We unfailingly show up and go to bat for “our people.” This is a hard truth for most of us who have spent most of our lives caring about what other people think and going the extra mile to make sure everyone is happy and satisfied. Some days we wonder how nice girls like us ended up in a business like this one. A business that reminds us to be humble and forces us to stare frailty in the face on a daily basis. A business where we are not only encouraged but required to go against the grain and show up and do battle for our people. Not that we ever seek to do that, but sometimes when the battle comes to you, you don’t have a choice but to get into the arena and do your business. When it comes to insisting on good care and respecting the rights of our clients, our place is steadfastly on the side of the client. That’s the whole thing. Show up. Do the right thing. Keep swimming. Sometimes, we’ll lose, but more often we will win and that will mean better care or a better outcome or holding someone’s hand as we walk them home to the edge of the veil that separates this life and the next. For us, losing the popularity contest is far more than worth it.