Why Advocacy?

I get asked all the time “why advocacy?” My not so simple answer is that we will all go through seasons in our lives when we need support that is unbiased, skilled and fully present. As advocates, we provide a level of critical listening and thinking that one may not be able to find through a friend or family member. We’ve been to thousands of doctor’s appointments with our clients, so we know the right questions to ask and can maximize the time spent with doctors and other health providers. I like to say we ask questions that you might not know you had. For those who are contemplating care options either in their own home or in a facility, we have a broad understanding of what each facility and care provider are like because we currently have clients in some if not all of them. Of course, people can do all of the research on their own, but it can be time consuming and often there are decisions that need to be made quickly. We offer a knowledge base that clients can tap into easily. Advocacy also offers shared decision making. We have many clients who are the sole caregiver for a spouse or family member. They are also trying to make decisions alone and that can be a source of anxiety because they often wonder if they are making the best decisions and have all of the information. They find peace and value in using us as a sounding board and partnering with us to make health and care related decisions for their loved ones. There will be a time in every person’s life where advocacy will be a blessing; either for the short term or the long term. Let us get to know you. Get to know us. The main reason I started this company was to be a blessing every day and every day that is my only prayer. We are here whenever and however you need us