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Welcome to Black Hills Advocate and our blog!

We are so proud to announce that 2016 was a year of exceptional growth and service for Black Hills Advocate. We have just added three new members to our team and our client support services portfolio continues to grow. We hope you will have the chance to meet Lexy, Jeff and Lisa. Jenny and Amy remain available for our clients.

There are many things that we want the Black Hills community to know. We hope this blog will provide an opportunity to educate and inform each of you. We live in a uniquely beautiful place and many of us are lucky to have our families nearby. Black Hills Advocate would like to be a resource to help each of you support your aging loved ones.

We hope you’ll follow along with our updates and celebrate with us when we have news to share. We will be blogging about health and wellness, financial planning, legal matters and community endeavors that shine a light upon the aging experience, particularly here in the Black Hills region. We are here to answer any questions you may have.

For those of you caring for an aging parent or grandparent, we hope you know that you need never feel alone. There are a host of supportive services throughout our region and this blog will highlight many of them. We have stellar health care providers and financial consultants, as well, who will help you make the informed choices to protect your family.

What we don’t yet have in Western South Dakota is ready access to Memory Care. Until greater accessibility exists, here are some thoughts:

Dementia is not a guarantee. Not for anyone. Each of us can improve our memory in small or significant ways.

Living in a small town has one distinct advantage: we can safely walk through many of our neighborhoods. Get outside on the best of days, breathe the fresh air, stretch those limbs and let your imagination roam. Say hello to the dog-walkers, skateboarders and school children you pass! When it’s not so nice out, head to the Rushmore Mall. One circumference of the interior of the Mall is a ¾-mile walk. So lace up the tennis shoes, take in a brisk walk without having to worry about rain or snow, and maybe get some shopping in when you hit your distance goal.

Learn a new skill. Take up piano-playing or learn a language at one of our Community Education centers. How about a cooking class down at Someone’s In The Kitchen? Or enjoy a painting session at Canvas 2 Paint with your friends.

Take every opportunity to improve your memory with games and exercise, good food and proper rest. And keep following Black Hills Advocate. We hope to see you soon!