God gets all the glory of what happened yesterday. In my own strength and ability I was not able to get a physician to go to my parents home to do a Medicare evaluation, but God! He made a way. I gave it over to Him and He orchestrated the miracle!
Jenny at Black Hills Advocate provided the channel in which Dr. Wessel came into the home and spent an entire hour with my mom and dad. He did the required evaluation of mom and encouraged us about her remarkable in-home care. Thank you girls ( you know who you are). You make it possible for mom and dad to remain in their home during their late years.
Thank you Dr. Wessel for going above the call of duty. I am so grateful! Thank you Jenny at Black Hills Advocate for a job well done. Your services allowed my parents to remain in their home another year. - Marilyn S.

Jenny Telechan helped my mother make the transition from her home to an independent living and retirement community. With her attentive, intuitive and caring guidance, she helped us turn what was an uncertain and worrisome concept into a happy and positive experience. Black Hills Advocate fills a great need for seniors and their families, and Jenny Telechan is a reliable and capable advocate. - Becky C.

As a registered nurse in Rapid City I cannot stress enough how vital a role Black Hills Advocate plays in assisting and guiding clients and their families through the changing needs that come with aging.  Jenny has filled a large gap in our community with Black Hills Advocate by helping others navigate the overwhelming responsibilities of elder care in respect to coordination of community services, financial planning, insurance concerns, medical services and so much more.  For some families these needs can become daunting leading to many questions and concerns, which is exactly why Black Hills Advocate is such a valuable resource.  Having met Jenny Telechan and her staff myself and hearing their impact on our community I would recommend their services to anyone who needs an advocate in their corner who will treat your loved one with the compassion, respect and dignity they deserve.  -Nancy G.F.

To those who may be looking for an advocate relating to health care and or senior care of almost any kind, My name is Gordy. I have an aunt in the Rapid City area that is going through some very challenging health care and end of life issues. She lived alone and has no family in the area. I live in North Dakota.

Two and a half weeks ago I was in Rapid City trying to get my aunt out of the hospital and into a skilled care facility of some kind. Very challenging for me as I did not know which facilities may be good and which may not. I was visiting with a gentleman in Rapid City about some of these issues. I asked if he knew of anyone in the area that could help me get things lined up. He gave me the name of Jenny Telechan with Black Hills Advocate. I am calling this a God deal. Here is why:

The next day, my aunt went home from the hospital which she and I believed would never happen.  Jenny lined up home health, housekeeping, oxygen to be delivered, groceries, medication updates, and 24 hour care for the first two days to make sure my aunt would be safe at home. Jenny now checks in with my aunt daily, takes her to her appointments, and continues to coordinate all her care requirements. My aunt and Jenny have become friends.

I am truly grateful for having found Jenny. She and her team are amazing!

I have had the personal privilege of having Jenny Telechan attend one of my doctor’s appointments and see her in action, in the role of an advocate.  Three years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  My husband was out of town on a business trip and was unable to attend my first oncology appointment.  As you can imagine, this is a very scary time, you have a million questions going through your mind, and it is very easy to forget to ask the right questions, and even easier to forget the answers. Jenny and I talked before about what I really wanted to know about my treatment plan, short and long term effects, as well as a detailed explanation of exactly what breast cancer I had.  Jenny came to the appointment, with the questions written down in a folder and diligently took detailed notes on the answers, and reminded me of what else I had wanted to know.  Being my advocate really helped ease my mind, just having someone there on my side, knowing what needed to be uncovered – this gave me piece of mind.  I would highly recommend Jenny and Black Hills Advocate to anyone who is in need of assistance.  Thank you Jenny! - Angie B.

Jenny is one of a kind!  Speaking from experience, she is the kind of person you want around if you are going through a crisis in your life. She is organized, attentive to others needs and is a great problem solver!  Her unsurpassed wit and charm make her a pure joy to be around! She is a caring listener and an excellent problem solver.  Her style of communication is direct, clear and honest. She is generous beyond measure and passionate in her roles.  She is a detailed and gifted in helping people and is an advocate for people of all ages! - Amy J.

Many of us seek counseling when entering the worlds of education, medicine, finances, home-making or spirituality. Many resources are available. But who helps you to anticipate and plan for the later stages of life?
We, indeed, are fortunate to have the services of Black Hills Advocate available in our area. Blessed with an abundance of expertise and experience, its employees can inform you, help you plan and organize, and be the “quarterback” for your journey. And no products or sales involved! Truly an objective, supporting presence.  The first sign of wisdom is to ask for help. Now is the time to do just that. You’ll be glad that you did.
Reuben Bareis - MD, FACP, CMD-R 

I have had the privilege of working with Jenny in a business capacity and in her non-profit and advocacy efforts. Many people are passionate and caring when convenient, but Jenny is the unique type of person who not only shows up for you, but goes above and beyond what is expected - working tirelessly to create best case scenarios and bring joy to those she interacts with. Jenny's friendship of senior people in our community and her heart to both learn from them and share with them is a huge benefit to families who need extra guidance in the aging process. - Natalie S.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Jenny for many years while caring for and supporting my aging mother through two levels of care and the transitions associated with those moves.  Jenny has a way of breaking down information in a caring and supportive way, always keeping focus on my mother's best interest and best options for optimal quality of life. She has a deep knowledge of senior care and available services in the local community, and is able to present all options in a clear, unbiased manner always respecting the dignity of her clients and facilitating their right to make their own decisions. Jenny did a masterful job of  keeping me informed and creating consistent communication with a multitude of care providers.  Especially as I was traveling back and forth to Arizona for work, it was really nice to have someone dependable and professional I could call on to help with Mom’s quality of life.  I would recommend to anyone with aging family members to get Jenny on your team early so you can benefit from her experience, expertise and compassionate care. - Annie B.


Let us Assist

  • Accompany clients to doctor/hospital visits

  • Coordination of all health care providers & medical services

  • Maintain portfolio of medical history

  • Communicate with client’s accountants, attorneys & financial planners

  • Process monthly bill paying & bank statement reconciliation

  • Implement financial planning strategies

  • Health insurance & financial assistance applications

  • Research treatment options

  • Assist with advance directives (Health Care or Financial POA, Living Will, etc.)

  • Wellness visits at home or extended care facilities

  • Coordinate end-of-life requests & after care planning

  • Assist with Guardianship applications & Agent Designation

  • Advocate for patient’s rights & medical needs

  • Assist with level of care choices & placement

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